Sunday, January 20, 2008

Milagro Heart ATC

Finished this one today. The background is watercolor paper painted with Lumieres, green and copper. The wings are cut out of a vintage ad for different art supplies, over embossed(clear) with texture stamp, and highlighted with gold rub n buff. The stamp is from Invoke Arts. I absolutely am in love with thier stamps. See my earlier post, Matchbox Art, for details on crafting the copper heart.

The corners are from Bonnie's Best Art Tools, and the name says it all!
I colored the corners with alcohol ink. Be careful, if you use a heavy hand, you'll break one like I did! They are delicate and I was manipulating it way too much. Here is the finished piece:
I stumbled upon this incredible artist Thomas Mann, today while cruising the web. Look at what he makes:
How stunning are they! I am coveting these and several of his necklaces.


  1. Your Milagro heart is beautiful. Faye

  2. Wonderful artwork there lady! So many interesting elements, love the red droplets! I like the whole concept of Milagros!

    Seeing that fellow's pieces made me wonder if he used some PMC, pretty kewl!

  3. "Matchbox Art, for details on crafting the copper heart", where do I find the directions for the milagro heart? I can't seem to find the matchbox art. Love love love your work!

  4. Thank you for all your lovely comments, fellow artists! and to anonymous, click on the 2007 posts and scroll down to the post titled Matchbox Art. The technique is quite simple with great looking results! Click on my profile and email me if you can't find the post!

  5. wow what an beautiful artwork.
    sorry for the bad language.


  6. Thank you for your comment! The above ATC is so great! And, yes, love those jewelry pieces!!!!! Great blog!

  7. Your work is beautiful !
    I am a passionate about milagro hearts and I made a lot of them ;-}.
    I agree with you about the work of Thomas Mann, it is gorgeous.

    Love your blog !