Sunday, December 28, 2008

Experience Hendrix

I already posted about my Experience Hendrix well, um, experience. But due to faulty, sucky, camera issues I was unable to post photos. So without further ado, (ado has already ocurred: 2 USB cords and finally a Targus card reader/writer purchased later which actually Works) here are the best photos from the show. Keep in mind, we are in the FIFTH row, there is a highly annoying woman sitting in front of us, and M and I were both, how do I express this nicely, Highly Inebriated????
Here is Mr. Billy Cox, original bass player with Hendrix.

Mr. Jonny Lang. Very hot. Amazing guitarist. What's not to like???
Mr. Hubert Sumlin with Guess Who??
And, Drum Roll Please, My HERO, Mr. Buddy Guy. He is singing here "when I was a young boy, I used to play with RattleSnakes" and I BELIEVE HIM. He is bad, very, very, bad. If I was the kind of girl to throw her panties on the stage, they would have been airborne. But alas, those days are SO OVER that even DOGS KNOW THAT THEY ARE OVER.
Roll me baby, like my back Ain't Got No Bones......Hey a girl can hope......

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  1. Too cool! I know (even with that woman in front of you) that you had a BLAST!

    Happy Holidays to you! xo