Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting Back in The Game

Taking this whole break up thing an hour at a time. I'm OK, then I get sucker punched by a song or a sweet or sexy memory. I tried to keep really busy. I spent the day at the UPS store, shopped at Tuesday Mornings, (a cool designer type discount store) grocery store, bank, taking my daughter to the salon, and the veterinarian. My kitty, Buddy Guy, was neutered today. Poor confused boy was humping my 9 year old declawed Cat, PT Barnum. Declawed or not, BG was about to lose an eye if he kept up with the unwanted attention to PT's nether regions. I also did some gift wrapping, banking online and planning our trip to visit Grace and Tori in Adamstown tomorrow. After the 2 hour drive, we will antique, eat and laugh our asses off! Our teenager's will go off and talk about how mortifying we are to be around.
Obviously my mind set has influenced these ATC's I made tonight. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

This exhausted girl is hitting the sack. Wonderful Sunday to you.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, what IS it about a song that can do that to you anyway? Sheeesh :(

    The atc's are just perfect for what you are going through right now.