Friday, December 26, 2008

I Smell A New Series

Ohhhh, can you smell it?? The idea brewing? Isn't that the most INCREDIBLE EXCITING ALIVE feeling on the planet, the BREWING IDEA? Ok, Ok, you feel me. The thing is, sometimes the reality of the work does not live up to the idea, but sometimes it does, and that is so worth the lessons learned from the ones that don't work. Capice?? Anyhoo, my new ATC series is called Special Wrongness. I have ONE so far. But there are more brewing up in my grey matter. Or is it Gray Madder?

Isn't he sinister, and so wrong in his own special way? And no, I haven't been drinking. It's only 9 am for heavens sake. Don't Worry--I am not abandoning my PhrenMen, they are my One True Love.

And now for something Completely Different:

I found this fantastic book "Eugenics and Sex Harmony- The Sexes, Their Relations and Problems". Copyright 1933. I paid 10 bucks for it at my fav antique shop. The cover is in immaculate shape. When I am done cannibalizing the pages, I'll make another book with the covers. I'm thinking it's gonna give me material for the next 5 years!! Living with a 15 year old makes this subject quite apropos.

And the next Blue Eyed Devil- I know I am beating this subject to death, but it's just so fun to spew out my anger with paper and glue! So for now, bear with me:

Don't you love the Forked Tongue?? The background is a file folder, purchased cheap, and sanded to remove the waxy coating. There are so many beautiful folders out there that are the perfect weight for ATC's. Paint won't stick, and the Inkssentials pen was rough, but chalk pencils and oil based watercolor crayons work well. Try it. Ok, ok, I'm done, For Now!!


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