Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paste Paper Waste Paper

I have been literally throwing myself into paste paper making. You'll get what I mean when you see my arm in one of the photos coming up. I use deli paper to clean my brushes, and to brayer paint off stencils in between color changes. Inspired by this beautiful paper Patty gifted me at last years Art and Soul, I decided to try and use my "waste paper" artistically so I could reuse it. Tell me if you like what you see. First, though, here is Patty's yummy paper. Visit her blog, her art is lovely and she is one classy dame.

You will have to click on photo to enlarge for a better look. Her paper is wrapped around a collage that I consider myself VERY LUCKY to have been gifted!! Thanks, again Patty. Still loving it a year later!
My deli papers:
This is how this one started.
And here it is complete. Next ones:

The deli paper on the left below is from my yankee's collage. Lou is still not home yet. I miss Lou and M. sigh.

Those are gold foil candy wrappers from Rouchet ? spelling could be wrong. And my Stewart Gill paints, yum yummy.
Ok, so I had some GunShot Wounded Hearts I previously printed out on acid free tissue. I decided to use the paste paint as glue and add them to a red deli sheet.

Here I am adding what I call "Ironic Bows" to the Gun Shot Wound deli paper. Notice my arm??? The tissue is from Blackberry Designs. Be very careful at thier site. You will overspend. You have been warned.
I may add these cool flames coming out of the hearts, too. The tissue is from the store Torrid. Not only is their tissue awesome, but they carry very sexy panties and lingerie for the ample, but still interested, woman. I'm just saying...... My next deli paper is embellished with a Phrenology head stamped onto acid free tissue. I had it waiting in my stash.
Flaming Hearts courtesy of the Torrid Tissue, again. I may or may not paste them on. Time will tell.
So that's the end of the deli paper dalliance. Now on to the paste papers. Here are the first layers of paint without embellishments:

Ok, kind of boring right? Here are the embellishment tools: stencils, stamps, contrasting paint etc:
Messy, messy, messy. I know, I know. It's a curse. Here's what happens next:
And what would a blog post be without gratuitous close ups:

In case you are wondering what in the name of all that is holy, that I will actually "do" with these papers, they will become backgrounds for my ATC's. So there. They do have a use. Not just to fill up the empty time in my empty life. Oh, did I type that out loud? teehee.
Hope you have enjoyed my latest foray into paper and paint. Please leave a comment. I need to feel the love. And nobody wants those quilt square kits I posted about last week? Free. Free. Free. Have I mentioned that they are free??? Next week I am going to post some tissue papers I probably will never use.


  1. Leaving this comment so you know you're loved out here in blog land! xoxo

    Free quilt square kits?! How did I miss THAT? I'll have to go back and find that post *)_L@+!~

  2. Consider yourself the winner of the quilt square kits, Sherry. And thanks for the blog love!!!

  3. very cool fun stuff! i will have to come back when i have time & see what i can do with the millions of paper towels i go through.... rathe recycle than toss... or maybe switch to deli paper. thanks for your visit to my blog- it is nice to know someone's reading, isn't it?


  4. You have been one busy lady. Nice papers!


  5. this looks so wonderfully fun and messy! it doesn't get better than that! how did i miss free quilt square kits? oh well - they did find a good home after all! have a great new years...


  6. What a beautiful bunch of papers! Hope your 2009 is off to a great start.

  7. Oh this looks too fun!!!! I just love making a mess!! I love your blog! I've put you in my favorites. I love your daughters hair!!! By the way I have 3 teenagers, 1 boy and 15 yr old twin girls. :D Marva