Friday, July 10, 2009


I always peruse the Call to Artists on that magical page in Somerset Studio magazine. I get so excited, there is always the chance that I will already have a finished piece of art that matches perfectly with the subject they are looking to feature in a future issue. Has it happened yet, in oh, over 5 years of purchasing this fantastic tome??? um, NO. So I decided to make a piece that fits the subject. I have never been published anywhere, submitted once to SSMag and was told a polite Thanks but No Thanks. The subject is "Aubergine". I went on flickr and checked out the offerings there to See this color that I am completely unfamiliar with. I am not schooled in mixing colors, etc.....I just buy hundreds of colors already mixed. Aubergine sounds like a type of dog to me, not a color. As in "I have a long haired Aubergine named StevieRay". Anyhoo, the variety of colors named Aubergine is an extremely VARIED range of colors. What's a girl to do. Whatever the hell I want and call it Aubergine, she decided. Here is what I have so far:

This is 8 x 10 canvas board. I have had this BAD gel transfer laying around forever. I was enamoured of this advertising photo for a long time. Ironically the piece SSMag Rejected had her as the subject also. I hope it's not a trend. teehee. After seeing all the colors called Aubergine, I remembered this BAD transfer. Her hair has all kinds of purple reddish colors, so I used this as a starting point. The papers surrounding her are all hand made by me at one time or another. I tried to use purplish red the most. I then mixed gold and purple embossing powders for that faux mosaic grout thing. This pic is blurrier than I'd like but the flash bleached the whole damn thing out. I used watercolor markers to enhance the painted transfer. Good thing I prefer IMPERFECTION in My Art. teehee. I'm in the process of building up the edge with Goldens Light Molding Paste. Its almost there. The top layer of paste I will stamp into or stencil onto, haven't decided yet. Then of course, I will paint it AUBERGINE. Twinkling H2o's or one of my cherished Stewart Gill Paints. I have their Amethyst Alchemy paint and it is so Beautiful that I want to MAKE SWEET LOVE to it!!!! teehee. What to hear something hilarious??? I can't Freakin find the issue of SSMag that has the Aubergine call to Artists. So I have no idea when the art is due. It could be over by now. Duh. If you saw my Studio you would understand why I can't find ANYTHING, EVER. xoSusan

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