Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Giver

I have a new favorite possession. I stalk Marsha Jorgensen's blog TumbleFishStudio almost daily. She is a prolific producer of magical, happy and celebratory art. She has been published in Somerset Studio numerous times. If we lived on the same coast I'm afraid that she would have to put out a restraining order on me. teehee. Seriously, I adore, aspire and am inspired to make art that may evolve someday to her level of skill, use of color and imagination. Like I said, Stalker Alert!!! Here is Marsha's The Giver, and its mine all mine, hahahohoheehee. Ok, I'm back.
Marsha is traveling right now, so her etsy shop is not up and running. Visit her blog and bask in the wonder. She'll be back soon. You can shop then. Here are 3 postcards she graciously included in my order, but only because I'm her #1 Fan. teehee:

Sorry for the crooked scanning. Something is up with my scanner. And my dishwasher, and my washing machine and my garbage disposal. But that's a story for another day. Marsha's art sells like hotcakes, so if you see a piece you must have, don't hesitate, or you will be lost. I know. I speak from heartbreaking experience. Damn that buyer to HELL. Oh, did I type that out loud? teehee. Thank you Marsha. That's it. Thank you. xoSusan


  1. I swear I should post a hazardous warning - it seems whenever someone features me on their blog, they get zero comments. I scare people away! So, I will comment! (Hey, first, look over in the little traffic feed on the left - that Wheatland, Missouri is me though I have absolutely no idea where Wheatland is.)

    Thank you for risking your blog and posting my seemingly toxic art! I hope people come back for you! You are very sweet to give me such a great feature and I appreciate it more than you know. But I am more happy that the pieces got there in one piece and that you are happy with them. I am very anxious to get home and finish our trade pieces (you send me whatever fish you like, I love them ALL) and your personal fairy. Don't let me forget the print cuz I might. You are a good friend and I appreciate all of our emails and the views on the world we have in common and even those we don't (are there any?)

    You have been on one big very creative talented art making roll, woman! I love everything - love the edginess and originality. I have got to try me some of those transfers one of these days - they are incredible! I am bit rusty on blogging so I'm going to go snoop around a bit more. If I don't do it this week, I'll get all caught up next week.

    Thanks again my dear Susan!

  2. Ah Marsha, you could never scare me away from here - LOL
    I love Susan's blog, we chat via email frequently, she has a heart of gold :)
    I love your work too, as you know I keep stalking you myself on flickr teehee.
    Nice to see you featured here - I might have to steal you for my blog too.. haha
    xoxo Hugs for you both!