Friday, July 10, 2009

White Bird

This is almost finished. Went to town using paint in spray bottles, glimmer mist, crackle paint, my hand made papers, masks,india ink, a medical book image of a heart. This kept me up till 2AM last night. I just have to add a little more paint glazing here and there and then spray a UV varnish on it. I know I should be finishing that Aubergine thingy but this one wanted to get born. I was completely dilated and had to give birth. teehee.

I think I'm going to use a real light hand and add a litter shimmery limish color on top that greyish blue crackle paint in the corner. From left to right, it looks like it goes from sad to happy, right?? That's what I'd like for my life too. . xoSusan


  1. Now look here Missy......(I'm using my 'mum' voice now) anyone who makes such beautiful art is not allowed to be sad ok? I think you need to have an Etsy store and start selling. I'd buy that in a heart beat. I've just re-read your 'about me' and I'm starting to think that maybe that's why I almost always dislike my own work....I'm rarely sad and my muse hardly ever visits. Is that the key?
    Anyway, I love my ATC's you sent and they're up on my blog now and they made me very happy.

  2. Hi Susan! I love the handmade paper in your Aubergine piece and I love the colors and birds in this piece. Keep giving birth, LOL!

  3. Beautiful Susan. Move on over to other side!

  4. Hi dear friend! I'm sorry I've been away so long. Every day I think I'm gonna do my blog commenting and every day I get sidetracked. So here I am, finally!

    Love your AUBERGINE piece below. This challenge is on my mind too. Have no idea what I'm going to do yet and haven't decided exactly what Aubergine is - eggplant maybe slightly redder? Hmmm. I have to investigate too. Anyway, your piece is going to be spectacular!

    And this one! The white bird is just gorgeous. I admire your layering work. I used to hand paint all of my backgrounds and I am just not good at it. You are the queen of layers I think.

    And, I haven't forgotten about my artfest for you. Are you going to send me a picture or should I use the one up in the corner of your blog? That's fine with me. I haven't gotten my pieces back from Somerset so I've been kind of waiting on that. If I am remembering, I'm going to send you the one with the glasses, a print of Finding Love, and you as a fairy. It may be another few weeks but it will come I promise.

    Hope you are having a great start to the weekend ahead. I have about 50 more blogs to visit and comment so I won't linger any longer tonight. I've missed you!