Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Flickr Group

Come join Marsha Jorgensen's brand spanking new Flickr group, Stop Art Piracy Campaign. The subject affects All Artists.

Here is my Artful offering on the subject, Lawless ShellSeeker:
Vintage Cabinet Card image, vintage words, scrapbook paper over baseball card, Purell and 7031s transfer. xoSusan


  1. I've followed a little about the piracy. Marsha's art is one of a kind. No doubt. I will check out the flickr group as soon as I can

  2. Ah shucks, I have to be honest. I was so ready to start talking about YOU but then I read the first comment and I'm all aflutter! Have to go see who Beth is cuz she seems to dig my stuff a bit - okay sidetracked a second. But only a second! I love your sand dollar head man! I love him! He reminds me of the squid head guy in Pirates of the Caribbean which I found strangely attractive. Not a Johnny Depp mind you, but attractive in that bad boy ocean head freak kind of way. I really do love him and your piece for the project. The word authentic comes to mind for some reason every time I look at it. It just plain old works and is comfortable in some weird way that makes sense but you can't explain it and interesting and original . . . love it.

    Okay, so now that you know all of my secrets, you hold a big blazing mirror up. Your comment on my Zetties is probably pretty dang accurate . . . I've been feeling this need to break free a bit more, let go a bit more. I didn't see it show up in my work until you said that . . . and yet those poor Zetties are still stuck in their boxes. Did you read what I wrote about them? "safe" - that's me, gotta work through "safe". You connected the dots before I did. You see beyond the work and not many people, maybe not any, can do that. That is a gift sister that I am glad you use on me!

    I could write all night, but I have to make some more rounds. Love ya!