Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog Your Art Out

Robin, of A Robin's Nest has started a new blog titled : "Blog Your Art Out". Her mission is to highlight a different Art Blog every week. I am happily surprised and thrilled to be named "Blog of the Week".Thank you, Robin!!!
I hope to meet lots of new artists through visiting her site every week. What a great idea. I'm signing up as a follower. I don't want to miss anything!!



  1. Hi There,
    Thanks for stopping over to say hello today. Yes, I am well...Just always busy, busy, busy!
    The day isn't long enough for me, but I'm sure that's how almost everyone feels! Where did you find the top 100 craft tutorial list?
    I'd love to check them out and yes, make lots of things, too! Hope you are doing well, too!

  2. Thanks for sharing Blog You Art Out, Susan.

  3. Thanks so much for spreading the word about "Blog Your Art Out". Your blog is wonderful and full of artful inspiration!

  4. Hi Susan. Thanks for commenting on my blog. =)
    I got to see Rufus when he came to Perth a year or so ago. Sooooo good. I didn't think he was going to break out the Judy, but we got some as an encore, tights and all. hooray!
    I'd love to see Louden and Martha (and Kate McG while we're at it) too. Martha's been to Perth a couple of times but always when something else was happening that was higher on the 'got to see list'.

  5. Like the new look of your blog !!! Very sharp and makes the art pop !!
    Congrats on the honor at "Blog Your Art Out". Will have to take a look.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Congrats on a well deserved honor, your blog and your artwork are fab! Great new look too!

  7. Congrats, you deserve to be a blog of the week. I'm liking those new dragonfly's!!
    Congrats on the Kreativ award too - I was thrilled to see your name right there next to mine :)
    Take care - and keep an eye on your letterbox in the next couple of weeks - surprise!!