Friday, January 9, 2009

New ATC's

In between trades, I have been doing some creating of my own. In the interest in keeping the nat'l debt down, which in my house means my credit cards, I have been experimenting with ways to "go cheap" with my art supplies. I tried to use Elmer's glue to make skin transfers. Messy mistake, I overflowed the sink at work. Before that though, and after the 10 layers of glue were dry on the inkjet photos, I got the back of the papers wet thinking I would be able to start rubbing off the paper to make the "skin". Wrong. It got all slimy. Then I had to take care of a customer and forgot to turn off the water in the sink.....yeah, oops. Then, lo and behold, a happy accident occured. The slimy photos started to dry and look kinda cool. Like they had been lost at sea or at least drowned in a sea of tears. There I go again with the maudlin stuff. Who am I kidding. I love maudlin. Here is "No Second Spring":

Here is "Hope For Insight":

The backgrounds are watercolor paper, acrylics, tulip fabric spray, cheesecloth, tissue, heart brads, charcoal pencils, portfolio oil crayons, along with the weird Elmer's gluey photos. Like I said a happy accident.

Oh, and the moral of the story? Don't go cheap on gel medium. Stick with Golden's and nothing will get slimey.


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  1. I love your stories. You tell them better than anyone I know! I think I could listen to them for hours~LOL.
    Yes, alot of times our mistakes turn into beautiful pieces of art! I should know~