Friday, January 9, 2009

Hand Over The Trade And Nobody Gets Hurt

Is it not a small world out there? I just started using my flickr account and exploring the photographers and mixed media artists represented there. I have had several artists leave very kind comments on my flickr page and have now traded with one of them! I discovered Matthew's work, aka skylerdragon at flickr, and fell in love with "Dancer" and "First Valentine".

Dancer is made with acrylic paint, craft paper and newsprint and Matthew's skills. Striking.
First Valentine uses felt tip marker, colored pencils and a COB book illustration, along with Matthew's amazing drawing talent! I think a COB book is used in teaching because, well, Matthew is a teacher!
And as far as the small world thing goes, I was checking in with my arttechniquesATCs yahoo group and found a post by none other that my new trade partner. Check out skylerdragon's art on flickr! Thanks again Matthew!

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