Sunday, January 11, 2009

Madness And Mayhem

I have had the MOST delightful 3 days in a row. Yes, there was laundry, cooking and cleaning involved, but only peripherally. Oh, and can I just say that ACME grocery store has home delivery for the low low price of $12??? I tried this service for the first time and am a believer! All quality, just what I ordered, and a HUNKY delivery MAN. When was the last time a man carried groceries into your house?? Nuf said. This is a great way to shop without impulse buys and the heavenly smells coming from the bakery dept.
Anyhoo, I'm working on a Dragonfly ATC trade for my yahoo group arttechniquesATCs. I wanted to capture the lighter than air, shimmery wing thing they got going on. I used my dragonfly stamp on transparency and embossed with my own blend of 3 colors. The backgrounds are watercolor paper, tissue, cheesecloth, tulip fabric spray and acrylics. My theme for them is "A Night In Spring" which I lifted from vintage music sheets that my friend, Diane, kindly sent me. Diane also sent 2 cabinet cards featuring men, she knows how much I love those. Yes, both cabinet cards and Men! They are in near perfect condition too, just like Diane!!!

So here is a photo of the first layer :

I scanned the music, flipped it and printed it on a transparency. I am going to try and do a gel medium transfer from the trans to the ATC. The card is very textured so it's good that I want a distressed look. The surface is too bumpy for a perfect transfer. I will post a pic of that step soon. So here is what happens when you have 3 days off from work and spend the majority of that time in your studio aka spare room aka where the kitty litter is kept.......

Thats right, Madness and Mayhem abounds........



  1. But you can close the door and not look at it when you leave!

  2. Your room looks welcoming and so normal to me AND you have quite a bit of floor space available too ;) Certainly enjoy what comes out of your art space!