Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

I was meandering down the aisle of A.C. Moore's ,where your money is sucked into a black hole the minute you enter the store. When I saw this:

I got so excited! I thought it would be the perfect place to store my original ATC's. For around 22 bucks it was mine. Well, since the steroids are giving me monster stomach pain, severe headache and enough anger to settle (or start) some war some where, I took a personal day today. So I slide all those card holders out. Saved the Baseball cards to make into Atc's, of course. The first ATC I tried to put into the holder cracked it. It wasn't like I was hyper, extremely impatient or getting angry or anything. yeah anyway.......BTW the steroids are affecting everything but the actual foot pain....weird isn't it.....BTW2 no beard or penis yet......

Here is a pic of my cards that will fit into the holders. It sucks because I can't group the themes together and that happens to be making me crazy.

So the moral of the story is This Baseball Card Holder is wonderful for ATC's if they are thin, and not embellished with anything thicker than a dragonfly wing. Wow, that was a nice visual, wasn't it? The secondary moral is Steroids Suck.

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  1. sorry abt your foot & the steriods- but glad you are funny abt it & make me smile :) i know you had something in mind for this, but i think it looks great as is.