Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Ole Dad

Here is my HandyMan aka Dad aka The Colonel aka Mr. Wizard and the list goes on and on......

Why is he standing in the shower you ask? Well, I'm suffering from a flare of my RA which is centered around my right foot, right now. Next month it will be somewhere else. I have Capsulitis/Bursitis of the second metatarsal. The ball of my foot and second toe hurt like hell, that's really all you need to know. So I am taking my first ever round of steroids. Dr. Ana swore I would not grow a beard or....... a penis. The penis would be ok, but the beard is NOT AN OPTION. Anyhoo, we have to get the swelling down in order for the pain to go away. My sexy shoe days are over. I'm sporting New Balance every day of the week. So, back to the shower scene. I had to get a Shower Chair. Yeah, you heard me. I have this long hair I am super vain about and it requires lots of conditioning and tender loving adoration. This takes a long time. I can't stand up in the shower that long. The floor just kills my foot. So Dad is installing a hand held shower head. Just shoot me. OVERSHARE!!!!! xoSusan


  1. From one R.A. sufferer to the other, I always say "whatever works"! There's nothing wrong with having a seat in the tub . . . hey, all of the really cool, big showers have them - so THERE. *smiles*

    PS Your dad looks like a real sweetie pie!