Saturday, May 9, 2009

ATC Backgrounds

My favorite part of any project is the background. I am less confidant when creating the final composition of a piece than the background. I guess that's why I love making them. I let go and have the most fun. Composition causes me angst. Backgrounds are made with wild and fun abandon. They are exciting, anything goes. Foundations can go any way at all, but the composition, well, that is a real commitment. Ok, I've made a bigger deal out of it than it is! As usual! Point is I made some ATC's out of napkins, Wuthering Heights pages, maps, sewing patterns and patterned tissues. I used up the left over tinted tar gel from the previous post's cabinet card project to assemble them. When still tacky smeared some perfect pearls here and there:
They were fun. My cat proceeded to knock over rinse water on my art table when I left the room. The ATC's soaked up the water and now the baseball card substrates are wimpy. So tonight I am going to glue stick some patterned papers to the back to add bulk. Then I'll start agonizing over the compositions.......xoSusan


  1. I love doing backgrounds too. Plenty of room for experimentation and room for errors and mistakes that sometimes work out or can be hidden with more layers. I'm lucky enough to take classes with Kelsey and have learned some great background techniques with her. Your ATC's are wonderful, love the subtle colours.

  2. I like doing backgrounds also. I love using acrylic paints, gesso and watercolor pencils.
    Gaby xo

  3. Hi Susan! Your backgrounds are wonderful as is all your work.

    Take Care - Robin

  4. Well, we compliment each other well because I stink at backgrounds. I absolutely struggle, struggle, struggle with them. I need to take some time and learn some new tricks and I get too impatient so I just do the same boring thing over and over. These are beautiful and I love all of the layers and colors. Well done! You may have inspired something here and I need it!

  5. Great backgrounds Susan - and in my favourite colours too!

    Cindy :)

  6. I agree with you, backgrounds are fun! With backgrounds I'm free to experiment, make mistakes and have those mistakes become wonderful new techniques. I really love what you've done with these!