Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brokn Block

Yeehaw, Thank Goodness, and Hallelujah, I found my muse again. Now I just wish I had the time to indulge her!! Here are 3 ATC's in styles a little different for me. The first one has a bleach stamped background, a pretty successful transfer using Golden's Soft Gel Medium and an Apollo transparency (no paper to peel off ,yeah!) stamping and an image from a book:

Next up showcases my bitter humor with a new take on my PhrenMen series with the addition of PhlyingPhren:
I am addicted to Phrenology images. I don't Phight it any longer . teehee. And lastly, after briefly perusing my new book by Ann Baldwin, "Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists" this is what emerged:
I just got the book and I have absorbed only a smidgen of the huge amount of information she shares. But I did use her technique of softening the edges of the collage material. I used Soft Gel Medium and then dry brushed gesso around the transparencies. The angel is from ArtChix, and I glued her down using gel medium, the second I tried to do a transfer, but it failed so I just glued it down. The lines were too delicate I think. Either that or I didn't use enough gel medium. I'm still working the whole transfer process out. It's a work in progress, just like everything else in life! xoSusan


  1. Fabulous ATC's Susan! Glad your muse is back and you had time to be creative...I always enjoy looking at what you create!!

  2. Yeah for you Susan. I ABSOLUTELY love the bleached backgroud one, it is awesome. You are very talented. All the different mediums that you use are inspiring. The layered look is so fascinating to me. I want to learn too!
    That one should go in Somerset, whata you thinK?

    xo Beth

  3. Hey there gusto girlie! I am so flattered you think I have gusto! I am such a dork - I think I have mucho dorksto more than gusto.

    Congratulations on finding your muse! I didn't realize she was away because I have been totally enjoying all of your work prior to your feeling of muse return. But these are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. It's funny though, I've always thought of the one really popular phren face as a woman not a man! Maybe it's drawn to be androgynous. Maybe this differing interpretation reveals some dark secret to our psychological make-up!

    Well, I am way behind on everyone. I am still in MO with my dad (and going out of my mind). I'm just trying to do some quick fly-by's and get a little caught up before I get home next week. Hope you have a great creative week with that muse of yours! (but you do fine without her too!)


  4. Hey, I just realized. You may know more than one Marsha. Maybe you didn't mean me! I'm blushing. Told you I was a dork.