Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blocked Dammit

My Studio aka cat litter/computer room is a disaster. I have fond memories of a previous post in which everything is in it's place and there is a place for every thing. It seriously looks like a tornado went through here. There is paper everywhere, barely a trail from the door to the table. So I bought ever MORE storage drawers. It always looks worse before it gets better. Now it's much worse. Mother's Day sucked. My gift was to spend the hole day arting but I stared at paper everywhere, overwhelmed and without a single idea. All day at my job that pays the bills, ideas and frustration that I am not home creating, whirl in my head. And there I sat. Getting more and more discouraged. I need an artful intervention. Any volunteers?? I am not posting a pic. I am too ashamed. I did spend part of the day printing pics out on my Apollo transparencies. Only have about 5 left. eek mo money mo money mo money I have to spend. Well, purell transfers will not work if you have sealed your background with gel medium, especially Goldens Tar Gel. So that frustrated the hell out of me. I am in the "learning the hard way club." So here is the ONLY thing I came up with in over 8 hours in the studio:

I love my PhrenMen ATC's but this one was a pain in the ass. I wasn't really feeling it. I used one of the napkin backgrounds from a recent post. The buildings were supposed to be transfers, but those didn't work. So I had to use my dwindling stash of transparent stickers from the Queen of Tarts. I think they went out of business. I tried to find a link but wasn't able to. If someone has a link or any info, please share it with me. Their stickers were the BOMB, as were their other ephemera items. Hey, Thanks for attending my Pity Party!!!! Have a great weekend, I'm out to visit my BFF and dance and drink and act the opposite of my age!! xoSusan


  1. I often have a similiar problem. A squillion ideas running around in my head when I'm at work, then when I have a some free time to sit at my desk those ideas have gone. that's usually when I start tyding up and re-arranging and sorting. I'm curious as to what the purell transfer is. Would love an explanation or maybe you already have in an earlier post and hopefully there is a similiar product here in Australia. Hope your evening dancing and imbiming (sp) was a blast.

  2. This card is terrific.
    Gaby xo

  3. Oh I am a great pitty party attendee! I so hear you on this. And let me tell you it happens to everyone - that feeling of "when I have time to work I can't come up with anything and when I can't work on art my mind races with ideas". It is a frustrating journey we find ourselves on but worth every minute of frustration on the good days.

    And, now, missy. This piece is fabulous! I am the slowest artist that ever lived. It would take me a full 8 hours to make this even if everything went just right! I spend up to 15-20 hours on one little 5 x 7 most of the time! I am slooooooowwwwww. So, if I turned out a fabulous piece like this I would be so happy! You are very talented and so an artist - you sound like everyone else including me - "i don't like this, i don't know how to do this, my space is a mess, etc" So welcome to the club - you're officially in if you didn't think you were before. All of those things you are feeling are the party favors we enjoy for being in the club. But, it's a very good club to be in! You've arrived!

    I love this piece and I love knowing you aren't perfect. Perfect people aren't any fun.


  4. Susan, you are way too hard on yourself. There I said it. I absolutely love that ATC. You are so talented, you don't even know. And you come up with the wittyest names, I don't know what they mean, but it cracks me up,.
    Ok I'm game, I will be your interventionest. I've been sober 19 years come this July,so I guess I qualify. And I'm new to art, so I'm still excited about it. Really girl, you are awesome. I'm so happy that I get to see your stuff. It's inspiring. I'd love to know a smidgent of what you put together. Lighten up on yourself, ok.
    And I don't know if you remember, but you asked me once if I would be interested in trading some art, the answer is still yes. Email me your address, I will send you something. It will be a surprise.

    beth at

  5. Your rants continue to amuse me! I feel the same way - away from my studio I have so many ideas. I sit down to create and my muse runs and hides... perhaps my muse resides at my place of employment? Oh, the horrors of that thought!!! What you do create is fabulous, Susan, so whatever you are doing - it is working. ;-)

  6. PS - forgot my great big THANK YOU! for the May Muse of Johnny Depp. Looking back at my reply (above) I have to chuckle, because I have a pic of Johnny at work, but not at home (Marc is a bit jealous of my "ah hum" appreciation of Johnny's talents). So, yes, I guess the muse resides at work! HA HA.