Saturday, May 9, 2009

She Was Unable To Solve The Puzzle That Was His Heart

Have been super short on time this week, but the muse is calling and must be heard. Managed to finish another sneak peek from last week. This is the altered cabinet card:
You are seeing a puzzle piece, sequin waste, gel pens, oil pastels, heart stickers, Martha Stewart swallow punch, assorted rubber stamps, acrylic paint, index thingy. Here he is after I added words, distressed it by adding layers of tar gel and peeling holes in the layers:
I don't like his color now. I added too much Golden's transparent Yellow Iron Oxide Acrylic to the tar gel. I should have cut the color in half and thinned out the gel too. The distressing sound all planned right? I had you convinced it was intentional, right? uh uh. I tried to peel up the gel layer over the words, because I think they are hard to see now, but the ink started peeling off too. I also sanded the hell out of it but the color remained as strong, the surface just got dull. I have read on some other blogs that artists are using Future Floor Wax to seal and build up shiny layers. Cheaper than Goldens Tar Gel, will try it and soon! Any one else tried it and want to share???? In the index thing it says "unravel, untangle, clarity, answer from my Thesaurus thingy. I'm not in love with him, but he was a good learning experience, now where have I heard that before???teehee......xoSusan

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  1. The colors, textures and content are just fabulous!
    Gaby xo