Monday, May 25, 2009

Blocked But Ignoring It

I made several ATC's this weekend in addition to my fun with bleach. Here is one with a previously posted background, added some wire, a leaf and a fortune:

Next one includes a quote from that fabulous antique book "Eugenics and Sex Harmony". Boy do I miss my favorite antique store. sigh. The background is a beeswax oopsie, doilies on the edges and some drywall tape: I think this couple looks kind of sinister. I feel like doing a creepy card starring this family. stay tuned. Next one is another addition to my PhrenMen series. The background is inked scrapbook paper, fence is bleach stamped, vellum over face stamped with phrenology head. Another great quote from that same book.
I think I am blocked because I am becoming less bitter. Believe or not this scares me. I like my twisted sense of humor. My man hating humor may become a thing of the past. I mean, look at the subjects of these ATC's, happiness, how to become a good husband, forgiving faults in a man???? That's not me! I don't forgive!!! I grieve, obsess and puke it all out in my art. Geez, I may end up doing happy art. EEEEWWW. If I start doing cute, someone stage an intervention, I'm counting on you.

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