Monday, May 25, 2009

For The Girls With Gusto

Inflected Form(s):
plural gustoes
Italian, from Latin gustus, past participle
1 a: an individual or special taste b: enthusiastic and vigorous enjoyment or appreciation c: vitality marked by an abundance of vigor and enthusiasm 2archaic : artistic style

This one is for my BFF Grace and my BFF Blogging Girls. We need to start believing in our own Gusto: our incredible artistic talents, our worthiness for the love we've always dreamed about, and our amazing beauty both inner and outer. That's it. Start Now. These are the women who have incredible Gusto and Inspire me daily (in no particular order): Grace, Marsha, Lori, Beth, Robin, Roberta, Dee, Sherry, Marianne, Cindy, Leslie, Diane, Patty, Gaby, and Sarah.

Thank you for sharing your life lessons learned and your beautiful and inspiring art. xoSusan


  1. That's it. I'm going out to get me a whole shopping bag full of Gusto and then create, (once I've finished the washing, cleaning, bill paying and the dreaded cooking). Love the ATC.

  2. Do you mean me Susan, or another Beth. Cause if its me, then yeah I got some gusto. I've got so much gusto I'm willing to share it with anyone who needs some (therapy helped). Rah! Rah! We are incredible women, we are survivors, we are women with integrity. We are
    ARTISTS! I don't care if it's another Beth.


  3. Oh Susan I want to thank you for your kindness and constant inspiration. Your tell it like it is personality is so refreshing and I always enjoy my visit here. Cute will have to see it to believe it LOL!!! I am glad things are going great for you in your personal life too.


  4. Love you forever, BFF. We'll always get each other through whatever mess our gusto leads us in to (and sometimes messy is the most fun you can have!!!) Who thought I'd still be picking up my flute after all these years and creating...not me.

  5. susan- thanks so much! and the same back to you- i love checking in, seeing what you're up to, checking out the music & having a laugh with you. appreciate your sharing the ideas, attempts, successes & lessons. and usually like the lessons much better than you do! too bad we can't get together for a cocktail & some music- hoisting a virtual glass in your direction :)